Finally, the classic apparatus of the Arregon® Pilates Equipment arrived in Paris, at Maison-Alfort.

There you will find a new showroom where you’ll get to know more about the brand, discover in detail the high quality of our equipment and test it to concrete all the last details of your studio.

All this has been possible thanks to Maria Agnés Priso, founder of NYOU, trained with the Classical Pilates Method taught by the Romana School, that trusted on us for this brand new Pilates & Yoga studio. She has opted for us and the quality of our equipment, giving everyone the chance to learn more about our quality standards and we’ll be the perfect place to bring new Pilates events, courses and so much more for all the Pilates lovers around the globe.

If you want to know more about Marie Agnés and your new trusted Studio in Paris, you can visit its website and discover schedules, available equipment and upcoming events.

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