Delivery time:

Our lead time for our apparatus is 50 days from the day of payment of your total order and for our accessories delivery time will be immediate according to availability.

If your order includes both types of products, tell us if you want to receive it all in ones or not.

All orders are custom made in order they are received.


Packaging and Transport

Packaging and transport to the customer’s home would be quoted according to the volume and weight of the machinery at client’s expense.

Basic Insurance included is 15€/kg.

Comprehensive Insurance is not included; you can ask for it in your estimated request and the cost would be 1% of your total invoice price.  

Guarantees are indicated on the website



Orders are shipped only on business days. Business days are Monday through Friday, except holidays. The total cost of shipping your order reflects the total value of your order. Contact us if you have any questions about it.


Shipping Charges

Shipping charges are calculated by weight, size and quantity. The price can vary according destination. Orders will be sent by our trusted logistic company unless otherwise requested.

Unless previously requested, all national quotation will be with a “Standard Dellivery on the sidewalk”. Once your shipment is in transit, delivery method or destination cannot be easily changed. Please contact us at for any change, we’ll try to make our best to make it possible. Charges may apply. We’ll inform you for all the possibilities.  

It’s considered Standard the delivery to the first dry area outside the destination requested. Customer will be responsible for unpacking, installation or assembly of equipment and disposal of packaging materials.

In case of specific needs, such as stairs, delivery inside the main entrance of your residence or business, unpacking and trash removal, let us know in the space dedicated of your order. Customers will be responsible for installation/assembly of equipment.

Remember that shippers are NOT licensed Pilates technicians, so they are not qualified to assemble your new ARREGON® apparatus. For any doubt contact us.


Custom and Import Fees

National orders: all our prices do not include IVA.

International orders may be subject to import taxes or duties determined by the custom agency of every country, which payment will be responsibility of the recipient. These fees will be collected at the time of delivery. For more information, please contact your local custom office. Customer must comply with all applicable laws and regulations from his country. Delivery destination will be the nearest airport to the address provided by the consumer. Picking up and transport to final location would be a customer arrangement and this cost would not be reflected on our estimated.

The total charge of your purchase that ARREGON® will charge to your account includes only merchandise and transportation.


Delivery status

As soon as your order leaves our offices, you will receive an e-mail with your track number so you can control the status of your shipment.

Usually, tracking numbers are assigned to packages almost immediately but It may take up to 48 hours or longer before the package is checked into the carrier’s tracking system so it’s possible that, even though your package has already been shipped, the logistic company haven’t provided any information about your package yet. Anyway, do not hesitate to call us or contact us at for more information.