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Devana Mat

  • Our Devana Mat can be used alone or with our Reformer and provides you with the confort and stability needed for all your mat exercises. With the exact needed foam and a foot strap like our High Rigid Mat, a foot strap to pull it off when you need and two Metal handles, you will have a perfect grip for your stability and the possibility to have in the same space your Reformer and your Wall Unit with Mat device with Barrel included. 

  • Description:
  • The Devana Mat comes with a high rigid mattress, two Metal Handlesand a durable foot strap as an additional level of support. 

  • Dimensions:
  • Devana Dimension will depen on your Reformer measurements depending on 89", 86" or 80" with always a 65 cm weight. 

  • For optional variations, please, consult prices. 


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