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Smaller Barrel

  • The Smaller Barrel has been made according with the specified dimensions from the one that Maria Earle, long time student of First Generation Master Teacher Kathleen Stanford Grant, has in her own studio. 

    This particular original barrel was made by Mark Spenard, an American carpenter specializing in crafting handmade Classical apparatus in the 1990s and early 2000s and now, under Maria's request we have replicated it and will make it avaiable for everyone.

    Maria has been uncovering more about this mini barrel and its origins. We are excited to keep you posted about her findings. So stay tuned for get to know more more about this product.

    The reduced height of this barrel has been designed to better accommodate individuals with reduced flexibility or restricted range of motion. Gives the proper curve to the spine, with the right eco-upholstery for the needed slippery and a firm foam that will level up your Mat work. 


    Upholstered wooden frame with woven cotton canvas handles.




    Maple Wood


    Swatch Chart or view our 74 upholstery colors


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