Guillotine Tower| ARREGON® Original Pilates Equipment


  • Description:

    Choose between Aluminum & Wood Handles or Leather & Wood Handles.

    You must fix it on the floor and celing. Perfect assembled together with your folding Mat.

    Comes fully-equipped with Mat folding in two parts, two leg springs, two arm springs and a pair of sheepskin loops.


    The floor base measures 30.50 cm L x 17.80 W.

    We'll adjust the Height based on the Height of your study. Request it in your order. 

    The price is considered for heights below 3 m. In case the High is higher than the standard mesures please consult with our Sales Team.


    Structure in Aluminum and Stainless Steel bars with protection covers and with foldable upholstered Mat.


    Swatch Chart or view our 74 upholstery colors


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