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Classic Cadillac in Alluminum frame

  • Our Classic Cadillac in Alluminum frame is manufactured following the designs and concepts of Josep Pilates: both the structure and the frame are strong and resistant. The materials are also adjusted to the original specifications. Undoubtedly, it is what helps to achieve the expected results.


    Choose between Aluminum & Wood Handles or Leather & Wood Handles.

    Our Cadillac arrives with all elements: leg springs, arm springs, roll down springs, push trhu bar, roll down bar, upholstered bar suppport, sheepskin loop straps, upholstered trapeze bar and kuna board.

    Galvanized steel pipes and fittings with safety chain included.


    218 cm L x 65 cm W x 203 (+ 3,5 cm knobs) cm H 


    Aluminum Frame and galvanized steel pipes.


    Swatch Chart or view our 74 upholstery colors


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