Add-On Tower Conversion for Reformer | ARREGON® Original Pilates Equipment

Add-on Tower for Reformer

  • Our Add-On it can be easily applied to any of our Reformer, 89" or 86" regardl

    It can be easily added to the frame regardless of whether it is a Wooden frame or Aluminum frame. 

    In addition, with the template available for the holes, that will be easy to adapt, comes with the attaches for the two pipes and all the necessary screws to fix the structure. 

    It is also possible to add the Insert Bed to be able to complete any Reformer in a Reformer with Tower Conversion. 



  • It comes fully equipped with 2 Legs Springs, 2 Arm Springs, 2 Roll Down Bar Springs and 3 Push Thru Bar Springs. 
  • All our Towers are fabricated with Galvanized steel pipes and fittings with safety chains included.



    Galvanized Steel pipes and wooden Push Thru Bar and wooden Roll Down Bar. 


    Swatch Chart or view our 74 upholstery colors


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