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"In ARREGON you will not only find handcrafted machines with professionalism and care in the details, but also personalized attention in front of any doubt. Personally Ines Arreghini, founder of ARREGON, has always been present during and after the completion of my work; studying, listening and providing technical an professional help. I give my wholehearted advice to any professional who wants to build a studio with high quality machinery so that their work is as faithful as possible to The Method"

Daniela Pittiglio, PILATES ROOM GIRONA

  • Pilates Room Girona | ARREGON® Original Pilates Equipment
  • Pilates Room Girona | ARREGON® Original Pilates Equipment
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"At Pilates Room we like working with open and curious people who want to experience and commit to improve the fundamental aspects of their life: a healthy life, better concentration, so they can practice sport, sleep better, be in shape, strong and less stressed.

The authentic Pilates that we practice it's a discipline that progressively promotes the increase of strength and flexibility and the improvement of the position, contributing harmony and well-being.

Pilates Room studio it's a fully equipped studio for private sessions and group classes located in the heart of the beautiful Girona".

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