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Magic Square™

  • This reproduction of the archival piece called Magic Square obtained studying the only 3 pictures taken by John Lidquist and now Property of Harvard University that Pilates Community have, is a complete Inox apparatus similar to the Magic Circle that works with an Extension Spring pushing both uphlostered sides to extend it till its maximun while controlling it for the coming back.

    The Magic Square, with his extension spring, will give you a constant resistance in both directions to enhance your practice and also your balance control. You will feel where your losing control and will help you improving your work. 

    This one comes with 2 different Tension Spring (High and Low) and an allen key that allows you to exchange them depending on the need of your practice. Also, handles are padded with non-slip material to help your practice. 

    Magic Square will be available at Special Price for Pre-Sale between 1st October to 14th. Ones finished this period, will come to his original price and for now, only limited units will be sold of this product. 

    Attention: This product is just a replica that our Production Team have made based on Public pictures and we have no acces to archival Pilates Videos or Footage of any type. We've only tried to manufacture a Replica of the Magic Square with all our years producing and reproducing Pilates Classical Equipment and with our own know how. 


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