Reformer with Tower Conversion in Aluminum frame | ARREGON® Original Pilates Equipment

Classic Reformer with Tower Conversion in Aluminum frame

  • Our Reformer with Tower Convertion in 89" 86", has a smooth carriage that ensures transitions with his four identical Reformer springs that can be easily adjusted to the tension needed while both, the structure and the frame, are strong and resistant.


    It's fabricated in Alluminum and comes fully equipped with natural Leather Straps, a padded foot bar, foot straps, Reformer Box, Extension Straps, Rubber Pads, Gear Stoppers, Light Weighted Pole, 4 Reformer Springs, 2 Legs Springs, 2 Arm Springs, 2 Roll Down Bar Springs and 3 Push Thru Bar Springs. Galvanized steel pipes and fittings with safety chains included. 

    Choose between Aluminum & Wood Handles or Leather & Wood Handles. 


    89": 205 cm L x 56 cm W x 210 cm H

    Choose between 89" or 86"


    Aluminum Frame


    Swatch Chart or view our 74 upholstery colors


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