Universal Reformer in Aluminum | ARREGON® Original Pilates Equipment

Classic Reformer in Aluminum

  • Our Universal Reformer in Aluminum available in 89", 86" and 80", is designed for Pilates professionals who are looking for the most effective practice both for theirselves and their clients. Based on the original designs and concepts of Josep Pilates, you will be able to concentrate on the work and on the evolution of the body without worrying about the durability of the machine, giving a good comfort and safety to achieve the desired results efficiently.


    Choose between Aluminum & Wood Handles or Leather & Wood Handles.

    Comes fully-equipped with natural Leather Straps,Light Weighted Pole upholstered Long-Short Box, foot straps, leg extension straps, rubber pad, a pair of Gear Stoppers and 4 Reformer springs. 

    Jump Board and Sheepskin Covers are optional.


    89": 226cm L x 66 cm W x 35 cm H

    Choose between 89", 86" and 80".


    Aluminum Frame


    Swatch Chart or view our 74 upholstery colors


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