I CAMPAMENTO PILATES by Imagina Pilates and Iñaki Pilates - ARREGON® Original Pilates Equipment

I CAMPAMENTO PILATES by Imagina Pilates and Iñaki Pilates

Campamento de Pilates Cabo de Palos Murcia | Arregon® Original Pilates Equipment


Date: 27-28-29th September 2019

Location: Hotel Sub/up, C/Amoladeras num. 13 - Cabo de Palos, Cartagena, Murcia; Tel. +34 626 63 22 13

Event: www.campamentopilates.com

Info: info@campamentopilates.com



Jacqueline Martin, Ernesto Peña, Mónica Olmeda and Ignacio Rodríguez



Our demo equipment will be only available for pick up at the I Campamento de Pilates 2019 | Cabo de Palos.

Who do not attend to the event, in any way, can benefit from the special discounts that we’ll offer exclusively for the convention.

10% Discount off Demo Equipment and certain accessories at the event ant 12% Off until july 15th. 



Our Demo Equipment will be used on the event, and ARREGON® will not be responsible for any wear from being used at the event.

Demo Equipment must be picked up at the end of the Event on September 29th, 2019.

Customers will find our Sales representative at the conference but can find us by e-mail at sales@arregonpilates.com or by call: +34 600 422 429.

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"Pilates is a work from inside out"

How important is the Footwork and The Hundred before moving forward?

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  • Thoracolumbar Fascia: “The Second Brain of Movement”, Shari Berkowitz (3 hours)
  • Pilates and the functional Spine on the Spine Corrector, Pat Guyton (3 hours)
  • The One and Only — The Hundred! The Quintessential Pilates Exercise, Patricia Medros (3 hours)

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